High Compression Garage started simple and was conceived by, Tommy (Clutch) Creal, after years of both low and high profile work all while experiencing life’s challenges, facing adversity and trying to fit into corporate culture. He quickly realized that his authentic self and artistic and handcrafted works were who he was and was his ‘brand.’

By combining his years of wide range experience in the industry with partnerships such as the Province of Manitoba, custom designed bike builds for major sports teams, and even individual client requests, with ‘old-school’ craftsmanship and artistry, High Compression Garage & Co. offers an innovative environment for complete top to bottom custom designed motorcycle fabrication. The difference is Tommy can help you personalize your bike and ‘build your brand’ – driven away on wheels!

If you were a bike, what would you look like?



“A Mechanics Soul with an Artistic Eye.”

                                             TOMMY 'CLUTCH' CREAL BIOGRAPHY

                                             TOMMY 'CLUTCH' CREAL BIOGRAPHY

My belief is simple: “If what you do comes from your soul, you feel a passion, and it’s part of who you are, then it’s not work – It’s a calling. This is my calling.”

By 6 years of age Tommy had his first go-cart, by 10 he was ripping apart his dirt bike just to see if he could put it back together again.

By his early teens, Tommy was in his parent’s garage surrounded by tables full of parts as he disassembled and repaired neighborhood motorcycles and dirt bikes. He had a cult following of friends who would spend countless hours in the garage watching and learning from him how to not only fix bikes, but also customize and build them from scratch. And the journey began…

By late teens Tommy had opened a small business and conducted 3-day bike building ‘boot camps.’ He relocated to Minnesota, worked on eco-cycles, built custom bikes for major league sports teams, and worked with the Province of Manitoba on bio-fiber tanks, amongst other things. He was also asked to be on an International Board of Advisors.

Tommy says, “I always knew how to make machines work and the mechanics and art of designing and building bikes wasn’t ever an issue. Between developing my core expertise, ‘being real’, and working hard, I am who I am and it’s gotten me far. I want to help others get there, too.”